Sew Pretty HQ

Ok so I know it’s not Canary Wharf, but it might as well be as far as I’m concerned. Within the walls of these stone and pantile buildings, covered in beautiful mature rose bushes is a very busy workshop with shelves fully stocked with all our craft supplies.

The original idea for Sew Pretty was inspired by my own experience dealing with suppliers when I was busy making bows and the like. Always slightly disappointed that they didn’t connect with their customers the way I’d hoped for, or the way I would. I therefore try to spend as much time as possible with my customers on social media and this website to offer help and advice.

The main goal we aspire to now, other than being highly efficient at processing orders, is building up huge stock levels of glitter fabrics, wool felts, embellishments and all the other supplies you need to only visit one craft shop saving you time and money on deliveries.

Myself and my small team look forward to welcoming new customers and serving our existing with the best possible service.

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